Torri Etea
Torri Etea
Sharing technical experience and know-how.

Etea Engineering, the engineering arm of the Group, is at the core of our businesses, linking all of the Group’s interests through its constantly expanding technical capabilities and thus providing the fundamental support for all of our production activities.

It is through the work done in Etea Engineering, the design and realization of unique and highly-efficient plants, that we are able to maintain the highest production standards within our own activities. This continual quest for innovation and improvement ensures that our products will be competitive in a market that is increasingly characterized by growing international competition.

Based in Italy, Etea Engineering provides technical engineering support for all of the Group’s businesses, as well as to external clients, through consulting activities, design, realization and the commissioning of turn-key plants.


Our Engineering activities provide a series of bespoke services that range from consulting and feasibility studies to design, realization and commissioning of turn-key plants.

Technical design expertise and process know-how, specifically in the starch sector, allow us to offer engineering services that provide added value to clients.

Etea Engineering’s expertise is due to the continuous interaction and direct involvement within the Group’s production units, which are characterized by innovative processes and optimized energy use. Our experience as both processor and innovator enhances the engineering services that we provide, especially with regards to commissioning, operations and maintenance of plants.

Etea Engineering has the internal capabilities to manage all of the phases in the realization of an industrial plant and to guarantee that the project’s objectives are met. Based on the client’s needs, Etea Engineering can manage an entire project or work on any singular aspect of a larger project.

Conceptual Consulting

Etea Engineering offers technical consulting on issues related to process and the efficient generation and use of energy. Moreover, we perform feasibility studies and provide support for the authorization and permitting process related to projects, managing relationships with the various authorities and/or administratives entities involved.


At the end of the initial consulting/research/ phase, Etea Engineering creates a preliminary design - layout, P&I, preliminary dimensioning, choice of machinery, etc - and contributes to the definition of the investment budget.

In the subsequent phase, our company manages the design execution process, including specification definition and tenders for the various elements of the project.

Machinery and Equipment Supply

In the case that the plant and/or machinery required for a specific project are similar to that in plants or process lines within our Group’s facilities, Etea Engineering may be able to directly supply machinery and parts. While these components, machinery for milling, micro-filtration plants, etc, were originally designed for internal use, they have since been used in external projects and subsequently sold to third parties.

Construction and Commissioning

Upon request, Etea Egineering can participate in a number of activities during the construction phase of a plant. Our level of involvement in a project can vary from coordination of works on the building site and overseeing safety to the complete realization of a turn-key plant. Depending on the project, our services can also include activities related to the start-up of the plant, including testing and commissioning.


Potable Alcohol plant
To be commissioned in 2018

Design assistance, project planning,
EU purchase and oversea transport activities
of a rectification unit for the production
of 250 m3/day of extra neutral alcohol.
Installed capacity 80 mio liters/year at 96.5% vol.

Biomass Cogeneration Plant
Realized in 2010

Turn-key plant producing electric energy and steam.
Equipped with steam turbine and water-cooled stepgrate boiler.
Electric power 7.8 MW, 33 ton/h high pressure steam @ 63 bar(g), uncontrolled bleed medium pression steam (7.6 bar) 3 ton/h.

Gas Turbine Cogeneration Plant
Realized in 2010

Turn-key plant producing electric energy, high/medium pressure steam and hot water.
Equipped with gas turbine, heat recovery boiler and final heat recovery exchanger.
Electric power 7.0 MW; high pressure steam (51 bar) 15 ton/h; mid-pressure steam (21 bar) 15 ton/h.

Wheat Starch Plant and Distillery
Completed in 2012

Turn-key plant.
Wheat storage and milling, starch separation, starch and gluten drying, alcohol fermentation, distillation and rectification plant, utilities.

Hydropower Plant
Completed in 2012

Design, project planning, purchasing and construction activities.
Installed Capacity 14 MW; Production 52.000 MWh/y.

MVR Evaporation Plant
To be completed in 2018

Design, project planning, purchasing and construction activities.
Installed evaporation capacity 4 x 50 m3/h.

Membrane Microfiltration Plant
To be completed in 2018

Installed filtration capacity 12 m3/h permeate.

Milling Machines
Completed in 2015

Wheat milling capacity 30 ton/h.

Completed in 2016

Piping design and distribution for fermentation, maturation, utilities and CIP, supervision and remote control system.
Installed capacity 5000 lt/batch.

Flavoured alcoholic beverages
To be completed in 2018

Tankers reception, concentrated base dilution and mixing, storage management and plant automation system.
Plant capacity: 700 Hl/h.


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