mietitrebbia battitura grano
trasporto grano su rotaia
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mietitrebbia battitura grano
trasporto grano su rotaia
grano in campo
Connecting farmers to processors.

Connecting farmers to processors, in both the conventional and organic sectors, we help them to face the challenges posed by international markets.

We offer products for both human consumption as well as animal feed: soft and durum wheat, corn, barley, soybeans, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, spelt, oats, peas, etc...

These products are sourced in Eastern and Western Europe and sold through our commercial offices in Italy, Romania and Serbia.

Becoming the supplier of choice for food and feed industries across Europe is our goal and we aim to achieve it through rigorous attention to quality, timely deliveries and seamless overall service.

While our origination and trading activities began only recently, we are part of a long and established agri-industrial tradition, processing conventional crops since the early 1960s and organic crops since the 1990s. Based on this experience we know and understand the needs of processors in terms of product specifications, quality assurance, traceability and service.


Etea Grain is our sourcing and trading entity for conventional crops. It operates through 3 main offices - located in Italy (Saluzzo, Cuneo), Romania (Timisoara, Timiş) and Serbia (Novi Sad, Vojvodina) - and utilizes several railway-connected storage facilities both in Italy and Romania.

We source grain (wheat, corn, barley, rye), oilseeds (rapeseed, sunflower), proteins (soybeans, yellow peas) and other crops and co-products, making them available for food and feed processors. According to customer requirements, we deliver our product in ships, full train and trucks, both under FCA or DDP terms.

Etea Grain’s multinational team of experienced traders supports our customers purchasing decisions by continuously sharing timely analysis and market insights, allowing them to successfully operate in both physical and future markets. Supply chain is a key component to the competitiveness of our origination and trading services. These trading activities are supported by a network of directly owned and/or operated storage facilities in order to promptly meet the customized delivery needs of our customers.

To better supply efficient and punctual transport service, we have developed a rail program in France and Eastern Europe that features regularly scheduled trains over the course of the year and rolling stock that is dedicated exclusively to our activities.

In the case of transport by ship, we coordinate fobbing and quality control at the port of origin. We directly manage sea freight, making ourselves responsible for the unloading operations at the port of destination as well as the successive delivery of goods to our clients. Customer satisfaction remains the focus of our activity. The services we provide to our clients include high-quality, reliable logistics, timely delivery and, when required, administrative support.


Etea Organic, our organic origination and trading company, is based in Siliştea (Braila County, Romania), where we manage a 10,000-ton storage facility dedicated exclusively to organic crops.

By connecting farmers to processors, we help them to successfully navigate the challenges of organic markets through a completely traceable and fully-certified production, storage and logistic chain.

The range of selected and highly-controlled organic crops helps both our suppliers and customers to successfully combine quality, profitability and sustainability.

Serving both local and export markets, we have a customer-oriented approach that focuses on providing distinctive service that is seamless and timely. According to customer needs, our products are delivered in big-bags, trucks, containers, trains or ships.

From the field to final delivery, we take the most conservative and rigorous approach to quality control in order to guarantee full compliance with organic standards, adequate controls and provide complete product traceability. We use our own laboratories, external specialized laboratories and internationally certified analysis to guarantee product specifications, compliance with organic standards and full traceability of our operations and products.

Customers can rely on our rigorous quality assurance approach to successfully manage the potential risks – operational, reputational and financial - posed by organic production.

We also provide support to farmers who are considering entering the organic market by providing technical and regulatory advice. The goal of this service activity is to establish long-term relationships with farmers, helping them to increase revenues and overall quality control.

Etea Organic is certified by BIO AGRI CERT (code RO-ECO-016).


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